People in Nature is a site dedicated to connecting people with the outdoors. We firmly believe that when we connect to the outdoors, we are able to relax more and connect with our best selves. Being in nature, whether that means spending a little time in a city park or  trekking the Appalachian Trail, reduces our stress, enhances our physical and mental health, and reminds us that ecosystems need to be protected.

People in Nature is your destination to learn more about ecology, ways to get out into nature, and the benefits we experience when we do. Founded by lifelong friends Sean Nordquist and Joshua Kay, we aim to link you to stories from around the net as well as bring you original content. Please use the comments or contact us at info(at)peopleinnature(dot)com to let us know what you’d like to see, follow us to get notified when there are new postings, and thanks for joining us.